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At 1946pixels, we sell this calendar with a collection of the best photos of the year to help charitable projects that support education and development in places where children have fewer opportunities, such as Guinea or Nepal.

Bahadur Social Project

2024's achievement = 1100€


100% of the profit from this calendar will be donated to Bahadur Social Project & Educa Guinea, two NGOs that support and improve the education in rural non developed areas of the world and make the children's lives there.

Only printing costs will be covered.

This is how your contribution impacts:

  • 3€ = School supplies for one child during summer classes (3 months)

  • 5€ = One meal for 6 children during a month in Guinea

  • 8€ = One child with education and main meal during 5 months in Nepal



  • What does 100% profit mean?
    It means that after covering the printing costs, all the money will go to donations. 1946pixels
     does not receive any kind of financial compensation from the calendars or from any of the NGOs.

  • How does the shipping work?
    Shipments are made both nationally (Spain) and internationally. Shipping costs are included in the price and covered by 1946pixels in full from a personal contribution to maximize the profits of Bahadur & Educa Guinea.


  • What is the deadline to order a calendar?
    There is no deadline, however there is a limited stock of 125 calendars. So I would recommend you to order it as soon as possible to make sure you will get yours.


  • When will my calendar arrive?
    The calendars will be shipped during the month of December 2022.

Do you have more questions? Please contact me.

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