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There are many talented photographers nowadays. Not only professional photographers, but also amateur people that capture incredible images. And, with social media, we have the advantage of getting inspired by other people that can help us to learn and grow. We can build communities and find people that have the same hobbies.

Thanks to this, I have had the opportunity to discover incredible photographers not only from all over the world, but also from Spain, that have inspired me and helped a lot with their tips, tutorials, locations...

In this post, I want to talk about the 5 Spanish Photographers that inspire me.


Javier Martinez is a travel, landscape and astro-photographer based in Madrid.

Although he lives in a city like Madrid, what I like about his work and photographs is his project of finding the stars and the milky way in a place with such a light pollution. Many of his astrophotography are taken in locations close to the city, but far enough to be able to observe the sky.

His pictures of the city are amazing as well. He's been an inspiration to find cool locations to take pictures around Madrid.

Another thing I like a lot about him is the way he explains tips in his Instagram account and helps other photographers with doubts and questions.

milky way in peñalara javier martinez instagram capture


Ivan Ferrero is a well-known photographer in Spain mainly due to all the prizes he has won along his career as a photographer.

His pictures are stunning, very well worked and processed and you can see how he shows his own style in his gallery. I loved how he explains everything in his Youtube tutorials and really recommend his videos if you want to learn about photography and Photoshop edition.

Milky way, Spain. Instagram capture by Ivan Ferrero.


David is a photographer that I discovered recently. I think his work is very powerful because he shoots landscapes in a special way. His pictures are very colourful in general, and I love the way he unifies different elements and creates a perfect harmony. My favourite pictures of his profile are the ones that he has taken in Iceland and Scotland.

Also, he posts landscapes videos that take your breathe away and show the beauty of our world.

Iceland landscape capture of instagram by David Aguilar


Miguel Ángel is a landscape and urban photographer. He is great at both styles, however I am a big fan of his urban photography.

He has a special way of capturing cities and villages, and knows how to capture a different perspective that ends in a great picture. He inspired me about how to explore the locations and try to get a new perspective that has not been shoot before.

Madrid's Royal Palace Miguel A. Photography Miguel Angel Izquierdo


Aritz combines nature, landscape and urban photography. All his pictures are very good even though he combines different styles, he's pretty good at all of them. As it happens with David, his pictures are very colourful and have a lot of power.

I love his style and what his images transmit. He has also a series of macro-photography with some animals that are gorgeous, because the way he captures the animals is very pure and clear-cut.

Costa Rica trip bird macro photography Aritz Atela

Thanks for reading :)

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