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There's a sentence I like that says: You aren't moving fast enough if you have everything under control.

It has been 3 years already living in Madrid, and everything was very under control, so I knew it was time to move on... I had mixed feelings about leaving this city that has given me so much and it made my life how is it now, but opportunities come up and now I'm very excited about my new life abroad and what is yet to come!

So, as a farewell, I am writing this post to show you how beautiful Madrid is, with the best spots to photograph and visit that I have discovered during my time living here.


Inaugurated in 1911, the Metropolis building is one of the most known and iconic buildings of the capital.

It is usually assumed that Gran Vía begins in the Metropolis Building. However, its exact address is Alcalá Street, 39. The first building at the beginning of Gran Vía Street is the Grassy Building (Rolex Building).

There are many pictures with different perspectives that have been taken of this building:

Metrópoli Building: 1 · 1946pixels; 2 · Rafael Martin; 3 · 1946pixels ; 4 · Aritz Atela.

If you want to see the view from top, go up to the Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop and you can perfectly see the building and Gran Via St. from there.

Also, I recommend you to see it from the street, concretely from the middle of the road. There is a little spot with grass where cars pass by your side, it is not the safest spot but from there you can take the best picture for sure.

donde hacer la foto del edificio metropoli, grassy y gran via


The Capitol building is located in Callao Square, in the heart of Gran Via street.

Its real name is "Carrion Building" but everybody knows it as Capitol. It has a rounded structure that melts in between two streets (Gran Via & Jacometrezo). It is famous mainly because its neon ad of Schweppes.

Capitol Building: 1 · Javier Martínez; 2 · 1946pixels; 3· Pedro Mad.

If you want to see the view from top, go up to the Corte Ingles Building, and in the last floor (9th floor) you can find the gourmet area with the view of the building and Gran Via St.

Also, another place to see the whole street with the building at the end (3rd picture), is a rooftop called Picalagartos, in the last floor of the NH Collection Gran Vía hotel.


Debod Temple is a monument of ancient Egypt, you can find it next to the Paseo del Pintor Rosales (in Parque del Oeste).

The Temple of Debod is 2200 years old, and it was a gift from Egypt to Spain in 1968 in compensation for Spanish aid following the international appeal made by Unesco to save the temples of Nubia.

I recommend visiting it at sunset time, because the sunset from that area of Madrid is very nice. However, during the weekends it is full of tourists, so better go during week days if you want to be more relaxed.

Bring a beer and enjoy the best #sexyskies of Madrid!

Debod Temple: 1946pixels.


The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Spanish royal family, although now is only used for state ceremonies. The palace is the largest functioning royal palace in Europe.

Right in front of the Royal Palace, you can find the Almudena Cathedral. It is a building from the end of the 20th century, which has different architectural styles: neoclassical, neo-gothic and neo-romanesque.

As it happens with the Debod Temple, due to its orientation, this location is very nice for sunset time and #sexyskies!

1· Royal palace: Miguel Angel Izquierdo; 2· Almudena Cathedral: 1946pixels.


The Retiro Park is the main park in Madrid. It is very nice to have a walk around during the day and enjoy its different spots; One of them is the Alfonso XII monument, situated on the east edge of the main lake of the park, it was inaugurated in 1922.

You can see the monument from the west side of the lake, if you want to have a front view. However, for me, the best perspective is from the back or the back-left side.

Alfonso XII Monument: 1 · 1946pixels; 2· Miguel Angel Izquierdo; 3· Pedro Mad.


The Palacio de Cristal is located in Madrid's Retiro Park as well. It was built in 1887 on the occasion of the Exposition of the Philippines, held in the same year, then became a Spanish colonial possession.

Also located next to a small lake, the view from the other side with the reflection on the water is beautiful.

Palacio de Cristal: 1 · Rafa Martin; 2· Agathe.


The Cibeles fountain is a monumental fountain located in the central area of the capital. The fountain represents the mother goddess Cibeles, symbol of the earth and fertility.

Just in front of it, you can also find the Cibeles Palace, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful buildings in Madrid. It is composed of two buildings with white facades. Formerly the city's main post office and telephone headquarters, it is now serving as the city hall.

The Cibeles Palace has a very nice bar terrace to enjoy a drink with the fantastic view of the Cibeles fountain, the Spanish Central bank, and the Castellana St.

Cibeles: 1 · 1946pixels; 2· Miguel Angel Izquierdo.


The Gate of Europe towers, also known as KIO Towers, are twin office buildings in Plaza de Castilla. They were constructed from 1989 to 1996. They are the second tallest twin towers in Spain after the Torres de Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

From the Castilla square you can see the two towers, with two other monuments: the Obelisco and the Calvo Sotelo Monument.

From the back (north side), you can see the two towers and the Obelisco monument as well.

Torres Kio: 1 · 1946pixels; 2· Ivan Ferrero.

To take the picture with the road on the middle (1s picture), you have to walk 6min towards the north and go to a crossing bridge to get the view.


Cuatro Torres Business Area is a business district located in the north side of Paseo de la Castellana.

The area contains the tallest skyscrapers in Spain, and some of the highest in the European Union.

Now, there is a fifth tower under construction.

These towers are very photogenic and popular in Madrid among the local photographers.

You can get many different perspectives as they are very visible from different points of the city.

Here I leave you some of the spots where you can take a good picture of the towers:

- Chamartin Station parking - Photo 1

- Ramon y Cajal bridge (crossing bridge M'30) - Photo 2

- Las Tablas area - Photo 3

- Mirador del parque de la Cuña Verde

Cuatro Torres: 1 · 1946pixels; 2· 1946pixels; 3· Pedro Mad.

Thanks for reading. Do not hesitate to ask anything you want :)

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